Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria was a beautiful (and expensive) city! I loved seeing the Hapsburgs summer palace. I also enjoyed hearing about the rich history of the city. The Hapsburg family history especially provided us with many interesting stories. I really liked the musical aspect of Vienna as well. I thought that the importance of music in Vienna was very interesting, especially since music programs in the United States are struggling so much. To hear about a city that had so many different ways to experience music was very interesting.

Seeing The Nutcracker at the Vienna Opera House was an amazing experience! The Opera House was beautiful, and I could easily see why it has such an amazing reputation. The performance itself was breathtaking. I thought that the skill and passion shown by the dancers was incredible. The Nutcracker was a very good ballet to see, and the fact that it was performed in a world famous opera house made it even better!

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