Sunday, January 10, 2010

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary was a very interesting city. The buildings were very beautiful, and it was interesting to see the different styles on the Buda and Pest sides of the city. I had never known that Buda and Pest had been two different places, before they combined to form Budapest. I thought that, like in Berlin, it was obvious where the line between the two areas was drawn. (The Danube helped to identify this line, of course, but the terrain was also a great indicator.) It was neat to learn about the hot springs, and how they helped the city.
I thought that the history of Budapest was also quite intriguing. Learning about the seven pagan chiefs and how they realized that, in order to keep their land, they had to join together and practice Christianity was very interesting. The story showed just how important religion was and is to Europe. It also showed how, at that time period, it was imperative to act in a way that would most benefit you, even if it meant changing certain beliefs and values. The tribute to Budapest's heroes in Hero Square was a very beautiful gesture, and I believe that it is a good reminder of the struggle it took to reach the place where the city is today.

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