Monday, January 18, 2010


I loved the entire Treasures of Central Europe trip!! I really enjoyed learning about the history of all of the cities and countries, as well as seeing the beautiful architecture. My favorite city was Berlin, because I was fascinated by the historical and present-day conflicts in the city.

I thought that the visit to Mathausen Concentration camp was very powerful. It was really sad to see where the vicitims of the Holocaust lived, worked, and died. It was also sad to see how horrible their living conditions were. Despite the sadness, though, I feel that seeing Mathausen was a very good experience. I believe that everyone should visit a concentration camp at least one time in his or her life.

Seeing all of the castles and palaces was amazing! I was especially impressed by the Hapsburg family's summer home. I thought it was very cool that we were able to go inside some of the palaces and castles, because it helped me to get an idea about how luxuriously the royal families lived.

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